Title: Finding Dory Hank
Size: 7680 x 4320
Finding Dory Hank
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Hank is the deuteragonist and septopus in Disney Pixar’s 2016 animated film entitled Finding Dory. He’s an octopus who only has seven tentacles because he lost one of them along with his sense of humor. Dory, the protagonist of the movie, teases him that he might have three hearts, but he is not very nice. Disney basically describes his personality as sometimes grumpy and cranky, intelligent, loyal, quirky, serious, nutty and helpful. He has the ability to camouflage and doesn’t like it when Dory asks him too many questions.

Hank first met Dory in the Marine Life Institute while he was trying to escape into Quarantine. However, the only way he could escape was to get a tag, which was with Dory. This is why he decided to help her find her family as long as she provides him the tag once they find them.