Title: Arizona Coyotes NHL Logo
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Since joining the National Hockey League (NHL) in 1972 as the Winnipeg Jets before relocating to Arizona in 1996, the franchise now known as the Arizona Coyotes has embarked on a unique journey within the world of professional ice hockey. Draped in desert red, black, and white, the team’s narrative has been one of adaptation and resilience. From the early struggles to the fervent embrace of the Arizona community, the Coyotes have weathered challenges while leaving an indelible mark on the NHL landscape. The iconic coyote head on the team’s emblem symbolizes not just a logo but a spirit of tenacity, embodying a franchise that thrives in the face of adversity on the frozen canvas.

Gila River Arena, located in Glendale, stands as the Coyotes’ modern-day coliseum, where the echoes of howling fans merge with the crisp sounds of skates slicing through the ice. Under the ownership of Alex Meruelo and the coaching guidance of Andre Tourigny, the Coyotes navigate the competitive Western Conference with a commitment to building a sustainable future. The “Howl” of the fan base, passionately chanting their allegiance, transforms the arena into a spirited battleground. As the Coyotes skate through the intricacies of the NHL season, the coyote emblem on the jersey becomes a symbol of desert resilience—a franchise that adapts, grows, and faces the challenges of the league’s icy landscape with a determined spirit that echoes through the Arizona desert.