Title: Assassins Creed Origins Bayek Running
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Assassin’s Creed Origins takes players to ancient Egypt, providing a captivating narrative and an expansive open-world environment to explore. At the heart of the game is the protagonist Bayek, a Medjay and the last of the ancient order known as the Hidden Ones. Bayek’s journey unfolds against the backdrop of political intrigue and the founding of the Assassin Brotherhood.

Bayek’s character is deeply rooted in the traditions and culture of ancient Egypt. His quest for justice and vengeance propels players through a rich narrative that explores the origins of the Assassins. As players guide Bayek through the vast landscapes of Egypt, they witness his evolution from a devoted protector to the iconic figure who sets the foundation for the Assassin Brotherhood.

The game showcases Bayek’s exceptional combat skills, as players engage in intense battles against various enemies, including powerful bosses and rival factions. The use of Eagle Vision, a companion eagle named Senu, adds a unique element to exploration and reconnaissance, enhancing Bayek’s role as a skilled assassin.