Title: Assassins Creed Origins Order Of The Ancients
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Assassin’s Creed Origins introduces the enigmatic Order of the Ancients, a clandestine organization that weaves through the shadows of Ancient Egypt, shaping its fate. Functioning as a precursor to the Templar Order, the Order of the Ancients is a secretive cabal with a nefarious agenda. Comprising influential figures across various sectors, from politicians to military leaders, they manipulate the course of history from the shadows.

The Order’s emblem, a stylized representation of an ancient Egyptian ankh with an ominous hooded figure, signifies their covert influence. Each member, identified by unique masks, operates under cryptic titles, adding an air of mystique to their clandestine activities. Players embark on a journey as Bayek, the last of the Medjay, unraveling the intricate web woven by the Order.

Throughout the game, players unveil the identities of key members, engaging in intense and strategic battles to dismantle this shadowy organization. The narrative intricately interlaces historical events and fictional elements, offering players a captivating glimpse into the conspiracies that drove Ancient Egypt’s destiny.