Title: Astronauts Salyut 7
Resolution: 2560 x 1440

The Salyut 7 space station was a Soviet orbital station that operated in low Earth orbit from April 1986 to February 1991. It hosted several cosmonaut crews during its operational period. Here are some key details about the Salyut 7 space station and the cosmonauts who visited it:

  1. Launch and Operations:
    • Salyut 7 was launched on April 19, 1986, aboard a Proton rocket. It was the last station in the Salyut program and served as a successor to Salyut 6.
    • The station was equipped with a variety of scientific instruments and modules, providing facilities for scientific research and experiments in space.
  2. Crews and Missions:
    • Several crews visited Salyut 7 during its operational life. Notable missions included:
      • Soyuz T-15: Launched on March 13, 1986, this mission involved the first visit to the Mir space station and later docked with Salyut 7. It was a complex mission with a crew transfer between the two stations.
      • Soyuz T-16: Launched on December 22, 1986, this mission brought a fresh crew to Salyut 7, conducting various scientific experiments.
      • Soyuz T-17: Launched on January 26, 1988, this mission continued scientific research on Salyut 7.
      • Soyuz TM-2: Launched on February 5, 1987, this mission also docked with Salyut 7, continuing the station’s operations.
  3. Spacewalks and Repairs:
    • During the Soyuz T-15 mission, cosmonauts Viktor Savinykh and Vladimir Dzhanibekov conducted a spacewalk to inspect and repair the damaged solar arrays on Salyut 7. Their successful repairs restored power to the station.
  4. End of Operations:
    • Salyut 7 was deorbited on February 7, 1991. It re-entered Earth’s atmosphere and burned up, concluding its mission.
  5. Legacy:
    • Salyut 7 played a crucial role in Soviet space exploration, serving as a platform for various scientific experiments and as a precursor to later space stations like Mir. The successful repairs conducted during the Soyuz T-15 mission demonstrated the ability to address technical issues in space.

The Salyut 7 space station and its crewed missions contributed valuable data to Soviet space research and helped pave the way for future developments in space station technology.