Title: Baldurs Gate 3 Characters
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Baldur’s Gate 3 features seven playable Origin characters, each with a distinct backstory contributing to the overarching narrative:

  1. Shadowheart: A Half-Elf Cleric devoted to the goddess of darkness, Shar.
  2. Gale: A Human Wizard with a tragic past linked to the goddess of magic, Mystra.
  3. Astarion: An Elf Rogue, formerly enslaved as a vampire spawn, seeking revenge and power.
  4. Wyll: A Human Warlock known as ‘The Blade of Frontiers,’ entangled in an infernal game.
  5. Lae’zel: A Githyanki Fighter raised as a soldier, adjusting to a world that rejects her kin.
  6. Karlach: A Tiefling Barbarian who escaped Hell’s service, wielding an infernal engine.
  7. The Dark Urge: A customizable character with a mysterious, blood-soaked past.

Players can select one of these characters, each with a unique perspective, shaping the story through their choices.