Title: Bhutan Flag
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

The national flag of Bhutan, officially adopted on January 8, 2008, is a distinctive symbol that reflects the country’s unique culture, spiritual traditions, and commitment to Gross National Happiness. The flag features a bright orange field divided into two triangular sections, with a white dragon holding jewels in its claws at the center. The upper orange triangle represents the secular power of the king, while the lower yellow triangle symbolizes the traditional spiritual authority of the country’s religious institutions.

The dragon depicted on Bhutan’s flag holds a special significance deeply rooted in Bhutanese mythology and Buddhism. The dragon, also known as Druk in Bhutanese, is a symbol of Bhutan’s name, Druk Yul, meaning the “Land of the Thunder Dragon.” The dragon’s snarling expression and the jewels it clutches represent the protection of the Bhutanese people and their spiritual wealth. The color white, used for the dragon, embodies the purity and loyalty that the nation upholds in its governance and spiritual practices.

Bhutan’s flag, with its vibrant colors and symbolic dragon motif, serves as a powerful representation of the nation’s commitment to balancing modernity with its rich cultural and spiritual heritage. The careful design of the flag reflects Bhutan’s emphasis on holistic development, cultural preservation, and the pursuit of happiness as a measure of progress. As a national emblem, the flag stands proudly, encapsulating Bhutan’s harmonious blend of tradition and progress on its journey towards a unique and spiritually enriched future.