Title: Bugatti Vision Le Mans Hypercars Concept
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

The Bugatti Vision Le Mans Hypercars Concept is a breathtaking vision of the future of motorsport. This concept car is the brainchild of Max Lask, a graduate of the Braunschweig University of Arts in Germany, who completed an internship at Bugatti. His bachelor thesis, which doubled as a Le Mans hypercar concept, was so impressive that it landed him a role as an exterior designer for Bugatti.

The Vision Le Mans is a concept for a hypercar endurance racer that, theoretically, would compete at the iconic 24-hour race. It’s a forward-thinking spin on the Type 35, a car that was as advanced in 1924 as the Vision Le Mans aims to be in 2050. The design is not retro-styled but rather an ode to the principles of aerodynamics. Every wing, vent, fin, and scoop serves a specific purpose.

The car features a futuristic interpretation of Bugatti’s horseshoe-shaped grille up front, but the similarities with current Bugatti models end there. The rest of the car is a radical departure from the norm. The side view reveals a hole right in the middle of the car, raising questions about the driving position. The front contains a visible pushrod suspension on either side of the wraparound windshield, and there are strips of vertical LED lights.