Title: Cheshire Cat – Alice Through The Looking Glass
Resolution: 7680 x 4320

Cheshire cat is a fictitious character from the exceptional mind of author Lewis Carroll. This cat is owned by the Duchess and is famous for his mischievous grin in the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but this particular version is from the recent movie adaptation entitled Alice through the Looking Glass (2016). He always has a permanent smile covering his face and can make himself invisible anytime he wants — with his smile as the last visible thing that a person sees before he completely disappears. He is mysterious, has an extremely dark character and is also mad just like the rest of the characters in Wonderland. Everyone in the fictional world is afraid of him, even the Queen of Hearts, because he is either the craziest and maddest among them or holds unique abilities.

Even though his real nature is always questionable, he appears to be neutral when the protagonist Alice meets him. During most instances, he was the only creature to ever display sympathy and kindness towards Alice. He acts as her wise guide and was the one who gave her advice on the right path to take on her adventure. However, he does have a vicious sense of humor causing the Queen to get even more mad at Alice. Yet, his acts did help Alice find her way back home eventually, which led the readers or audience assuming that he can see into the future.