Title: Dark Souls 3 Anor Londo
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Anor Londo is the legendary city of the gods in the action role-playing video game, Dark Souls 3. This cathedral, with its gorgeous architecture used to be the throne of the Great Lord Gwyn and his nights. Now, the city is abandoned and only Dark Sun Gwyndolin remains to guard his father’s tomb. Players can reach Anor Londo after they defeat the Iron Golem at the end of Sen’s Fortress. It is the only location in the game where it is not required to have a boss present to continue multiplayer activity. By the end of the Anor Londo journey, players are to overcome Aldrich, Devourer of the Gods to pass this level. This boss can be a difficult opponent to face and it is best that you attack him as much as possible, use the pillars to avoid his magic and only move away when you see his attacks coming.