Title: Dragon Ball FighterZ Hit (Hitto)
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Hitto emerges as a formidable character, renowned for his unparalleled speed and mastery of time manipulation techniques. Hailing from Universe 6, Hitto is a legendary assassin whose mere presence strikes fear into the hearts of his opponents. With his sleek design and stoic demeanor, Hitto exudes an aura of quiet confidence, embodying the essence of a seasoned warrior. What sets Hitto apart from other fighters is his unique ability to manipulate time, allowing him to freeze his opponents in their tracks and deliver devastating blows with pinpoint accuracy. This time-skip technique not only adds an extra layer of complexity to his gameplay but also makes him a formidable opponent in the hands of skilled players.

In combat, Hitto’s playstyle revolves around precision and patience, as he patiently waits for the opportune moment to strike with his time-skip abilities. His moveset is characterized by swift, fluid movements, as he seamlessly transitions between evasive maneuvers and lightning-fast attacks. Whether he’s delivering rapid-fire punches or launching energy blasts with pinpoint accuracy, Hitto’s attacks are executed with surgical precision, leaving opponents struggling to keep up with his blinding speed. Moreover, Hitto’s arsenal of techniques includes a variety of deceptive feints and counters, allowing him to outmaneuver even the most skilled adversaries and emerge victorious in the heat of battle. With his unparalleled speed and mastery of time manipulation, Hitto stands as one of the most formidable fighters in Dragon Ball FighterZ, capable of turning the tide of any match with a single well-timed strike.