Title: League Of Legends Poppy
Resolution: 3840 x 1080

Poppy, the Keeper of the Hammer, brings a unique blend of charm and tenacity to the League of Legends roster. Clad in armor and wielding a colossal hammer, Poppy’s design exudes a sense of both strength and innocence. Her diminutive stature belies the raw power she possesses, making her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Poppy’s identity is intrinsically tied to her quest to find the rightful wielder of her enchanted hammer, a mission that takes her across the diverse landscapes of Runeterra. This narrative journey is interwoven with themes of duty, honor, and the unexpected heroism that can emerge from the most unassuming individuals.

In terms of gameplay, Poppy excels as a tanky disruptor, utilizing her hammer to deliver devastating blows and disrupt enemy advances. Her ability to reposition foes with a well-timed Heroic Charge and the sheer resilience granted by her Steadfast Presence make her a stalwart defender of her allies.

The design philosophy behind Poppy encapsulates the creativity and imagination inherent in League of Legends. Her character is brought to life through a combination of visual design, narrative depth, and engaging gameplay mechanics, creating a memorable and beloved champion within the ever-expanding League of Legends universe.