Title: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Captain Marvel
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 unveils the indomitable power of Captain Marvel, a cosmic powerhouse whose strength and resilience are matched only by her unwavering sense of justice. As players take control of Captain Marvel, they are immediately struck by her commanding presence and radiant energy. Adorned in her iconic red, blue, and gold costume, Captain Marvel exudes an aura of confidence and determination as she takes to the skies with effortless grace. Her eyes, ablaze with cosmic energy, reflect the immense power that courses through her veins, a testament to her status as one of the universe’s mightiest heroes.

In combat, Captain Marvel proves herself to be a force to be reckoned with, unleashing a barrage of energy blasts and devastating punches that leave her enemies reeling. With each strike, she channels the power of the cosmos, her fists crackling with raw energy as she pummels her foes into submission. Additionally, Captain Marvel’s ability to harness cosmic energy grants her unparalleled speed and agility, allowing her to soar through the battlefield with unmatched grace. As players unlock new abilities and upgrades for Captain Marvel, they unlock the true extent of her cosmic powers, transforming her into a cosmic avenger capable of facing any threat that dares to challenge her with unwavering courage.