Title: Mozambique Flag
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Mozambique, a nation on the southeastern coast of Africa, boasts a flag that embodies its struggle for independence and its commitment to progress. Adopted on May 1, 1983, the flag features three horizontal bands of color. The top band is green, symbolizing the lush vegetation and the agricultural wealth of the country. Below the green band lies a broad black stripe, representing the African continent and the nation’s African heritage. The bottom band is a vibrant yellow, symbolizing the country’s abundant natural resources and the pursuit of a bright future.

Central to the flag, overlapping the black and yellow bands, is a red triangle with a yellow five-pointed star. The red triangle embodies the nation’s hard-fought struggle for independence, a nod to Mozambique’s journey to sovereignty. The yellow star within the triangle signifies the unity of the country’s different ethnic groups and their collective effort toward building a prosperous and harmonious nation. The flag’s bold and distinct design is a visual representation of Mozambique’s resilience, determination, and hope for a better future. It serves as a powerful emblem, encapsulating the country’s identity and the aspirations of its people.