Title: Namibia Flag
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Namibia, situated in southwestern Africa, boasts a national flag rich in symbolism, reflecting the nation’s history, aspirations, and natural resources. Adopted on March 21, 1990, the flag is a vibrant combination of colors and elements. The primary background is a striking blue, representing the clear Namibian sky and the Atlantic Ocean that graces its western coastline. Positioned diagonally across the flag is a series of diagonal lines in green, red, and blue, forming a Y-shape. This design pays homage to the country’s diverse landscapes, encompassing the golden sands of the Namib Desert, the lush vegetation, and the abundant wildlife.

At the intersection of the Y-shape lies a white-edged red triangle, symbolizing the bravery and valor of Namibia’s people in their struggle for independence. The combination of colors and geometric shapes on Namibia’s flag embodies the nation’s unity in diversity, echoing its commitment to building a harmonious and inclusive society. The flag’s overall design reflects Namibia’s unique geographical features and its historical journey toward sovereignty, capturing the spirit of resilience and hope that defines the nation.