Title: Niagara Falls At Night
Resolution: 7680 x 4320

Niagara Falls is found between the international boarder of Canada and the United States, more specifically Ontario and New York. It is 12,000 years old and is composed of three waterfalls. The Horseshoe falls on the Canadian side is 170 feet high and measures approximately 2500 feet from one side to the other. On the United States side is the Bridal Veil Falls and the American Falls which measures 180 feet high and is approximately 1100 feet long. The water stems from the upper Great Lakes (Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie) and after it has flowed over the falls, drops to the Niagara river to Lake Ontario where it flows to St. Lawrence river before it finally joins the Atlantic Ocean. Due to erosion, the brink of the falls move backward an estimated three feet every year. The river below the falls is 170 feet deep and attracts a lot of daredevils jumping over the falls trying reach the bottom before they resurface. Others take  plunge in barrels or rubber balls which was first executed in 1901 by Annie Edson, a then 63-year-old school teacher.

The falls is visited by 12 million tourists annually and is lit up by colourful lights in the evening the whole year round. Aside from it being an attraction, it also generates hydroelectric power to both countries but the preservation of Niagara Falls’  beauty limited the power usage on the power plants. In 1885 a legislation was signed creating the Niagara Reservation, New York’s first state park. In the same year Ontario established the Queen Victoria Niagara Falls Park for the same purpose.