Title: No Man’s Sky
Resolution: 7680 x 4320

No Man’s Sky is a video game set in a survival, action-adventure mode. This was published and developed by Hello Games, an indie studio, for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. They released it to the public globally last August 2016. The gameplay revolves around four pillars: trading, combat, survival and exploration. Players can freely explore the whole open universe, which is procedurally generated. They will be able to roam the entirety of the 18 quintillion planets that have their own fauna and flora.

Players basically take part in a shared universe where they can share information about a certain planet with other players. However, they can also choose to play this offline. The developers employed the procedural generation system that makes sure players find the exact planet with the exact lifeforms and features. This is why they don’t really need to store additional data or retrieve it from their game servers.


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