Title: Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Flag
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

The flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) is a powerful symbol embodying the struggle for self-determination and independence in the Western Sahara region. Adopted on February 27, 1976, the flag consists of a vivid black, white, and green tricolor with a red, upward-pointing triangle extending from the hoist side. Each element of the flag carries specific historical and cultural significance.

The black stripe at the top of the flag represents the difficult past of the Sahrawi people, symbolizing the injustices, challenges, and suffering faced during the struggle for liberation. Below the black stripe, a broad white band signifies the hope for peace and a brighter future. The white portion also represents the vast expanses of the Sahara Desert, a central geographical feature of the Sahrawi homeland. The green band, situated beneath the white, reflects the abundant natural resources and fertile areas of the region, as well as the agricultural potential of an independent Sahrawi state.

The red triangle, extending from the hoist towards the center, is a potent symbol of the sacrifices made by the Sahrawi people in their quest for independence. It represents the bloodshed and resilience of those who have fought for self-determination. The combination of these colors and geometric elements in the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic flag encapsulates the historical narrative and aspirations of a people striving for autonomy and recognition. It stands as a poignant emblem of the Sahrawi struggle, capturing the complex layers of their identity and the enduring quest for a sovereign nation.