Title: Sesame Street Cookie Monster
Resolution: 2560 x 1440

Cookie Monster is one of the leading characters in the children’s show, Sesame Street. As his name suggest, the muppet enjoys eating chocolate chip cookies but would eat just about anything, including inedible objects. He is a blue furry character with googly eyes and deep growly voice famous for his phrases, “Me want cookie!” and “Om nom nom nom” said through a mouth full.

Cookie Monster, although not yet tagged the name, was designed by Jim Henson in 1966. Henson drew three monsters for a General Foods commercial which apparently was never aired. The monsters loved eating snack foods, hence were named after their favorite ones. Wheel-Stealer, Flute-Snatcher and the Crown-Grabber. Three years later, a similar muppet was used for Munchos and Frito-Lay commercials. A few years later, Jim Henson was working on Sesame Street and brought along the monster puppet to the show which was eventually given the name Cookie Monster.