Title: Singapore Flag
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

The national flag of Singapore, officially adopted on December 3, 1959, is a striking representation of the nation’s principles, history, and aspirations. Composed of two horizontal bands, red at the top and white below, the flag is distinguished by a prominent crescent moon and five stars in the canton. The red symbolizes universal brotherhood and equality of man, while the white represents the nation’s purity and virtue.

The crescent moon, a traditional Islamic symbol, reflects Singapore’s multi-ethnic society and the country’s commitment to fostering a harmonious blend of cultures. Additionally, the five stars, arranged in a pentagon formation, represent democracy, peace, progress, justice, and equality—the core values that underpin Singapore’s national ethos. The strategic arrangement of the stars signifies the ideals of progress and equality that the nation aspires to achieve. Together, the moon and stars embody Singapore’s commitment to multiculturalism, fostering unity among its diverse population.

The simplicity of the design is intentional, reflecting Singapore’s emphasis on simplicity and honesty in governance. Adopted shortly after gaining self-governance, the flag is a poignant representation of Singapore’s journey from colonial rule to a thriving, independent nation. It stands as a symbol of the nation’s unwavering commitment to progress, inclusivity, and the shared values that bind its people. The flag, when unfurled, encapsulates the spirit of modern Singapore—a dynamic and prosperous nation with a rich cultural tapestry and a forward-looking perspective.