Title: South Park Cash For Gold
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

The “Cash For Gold” episode of South Park is titled “Cash For Gold” and is the second episode of the sixteenth season. It originally aired on March 21, 2012. In this episode, Stan’s grandfather, Marvin Marsh, is duped by a television commercial that urges elderly people to send in their unused jewelry and receive cash in return. The boys discover that the jewelry is being sent to a scam artist in the third world who is making a fortune off of the elderly’s desperation for money.

The episode satirizes the practice of “cash for gold” schemes, where companies offer to buy people’s old gold jewelry for cash. The show takes a humorous and exaggerated look at the shady tactics used by some of these businesses, highlighting how they may take advantage of vulnerable individuals, particularly the elderly. As with many South Park episodes, “Cash For Gold” uses humor to comment on social issues and critique certain aspects of contemporary culture. The show is known for its irreverent and satirical take on various topics.