Title: Toketee Falls North Umpqua River Oregon United States
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Toketee Falls is a stunning waterfall located on the North Umpqua River in the Umpqua National Forest of Oregon, USA. Here are some key details about Toketee Falls:

  1. Location:
    • Toketee Falls is situated in the Umpqua National Forest in southern Oregon. It is part of the North Umpqua River, known for its scenic beauty and diverse landscapes.
  2. Accessibility:
    • The falls are accessible via a relatively short and well-maintained trail, making it a popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts. The trailhead is easily reached from Highway 138.
  3. Height:
    • Toketee Falls has a total height of approximately 113 feet (34 meters). The waterfall consists of two main drops: an upper tier that plunges into a pool and a lower tier that cascades down a series of basalt columns.
  4. Basalt Columns:
    • One of the distinctive features of Toketee Falls is the surrounding basalt columns. The hexagonal basalt formations create a visually striking backdrop for the waterfall.
  5. Scenic Beauty:
    • The waterfall is celebrated for its scenic beauty, with the combination of the two-tiered cascade, the lush greenery of the surrounding forest, and the unique rock formations. It provides an excellent setting for photography.
  6. Trail:
    • A short and well-maintained trail leads visitors from the parking area to an overlook platform with views of Toketee Falls. The trail continues down to a closer viewpoint for those who wish to explore further.
  7. Flora and Fauna:
    • The area around Toketee Falls is rich in plant and animal life. The lush forest is home to various species of trees, mosses, and ferns. Birdwatchers may also spot a variety of bird species in the area.
  8. Conservation:
    • Toketee Falls and the surrounding Umpqua National Forest are protected areas, and efforts are made to preserve the natural beauty and ecosystem of the region.
  9. Seasonal Variations:
    • The flow of Toketee Falls can vary with the seasons. Spring, following winter rains and snowmelt, is often a popular time to visit when the waterfall is at its fullest. However, the falls maintain their beauty throughout the year.
  10. Nearby Attractions:
    • The North Umpqua River area offers various outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and camping. Nearby attractions include Umpqua Hot Springs and the scenic drive along Highway 138.

Visitors to Toketee Falls are treated to a serene and picturesque natural setting, making it a popular stop for those exploring the natural wonders of Oregon’s Umpqua National Forest.