Title: Dragon Ball FighterZ Kefla
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Kefla (ケフラ Kefura), the fusion of Caulifla and Kale from Universe 6, bursts onto the scene in Dragon Ball FighterZ with unrivaled energy and ferocity. With her fiery red hair and confident smirk, Kefla exudes a contagious aura of excitement and determination. What sets Kefla apart is her unique status as a fusion character, combining the strengths of two formidable Saiyan warriors into one unstoppable force. Her dynamic personality mirrors her dynamic fighting style, which blends lightning-fast strikes with devastating energy attacks. Whether she’s delivering a flurry of punches or unleashing a barrage of ki blasts, Kefla’s attacks are as flashy as they are effective, keeping opponents on their toes and struggling to keep up with her relentless assault.

In combat, Kefla’s playstyle is characterized by her agility and versatility, allowing her to adapt to any situation with ease. Her moveset includes a variety of acrobatic maneuvers and high-speed techniques, enabling her to close the distance with her opponents in the blink of an eye. What truly sets Kefla apart, however, is her mastery of the Potara fusion, which grants her access to an array of devastating super moves. From her signature Gigantic Blast to the awe-inspiring Final Hope Slash, Kefla’s super moves are as flashy as they are powerful, capable of turning the tide of any battle in an instant. With her dynamic fighting style and unrivaled power, Kefla stands as a force to be reckoned with in Dragon Ball FighterZ, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake as she fights to prove her strength to the universe.