Title: Rainbow Six Siege Operation Black Ice
Resolution: 7680 x 4320

Operation Black Ice is the very first expansion published for the Rainbow Six Siege installment by Tom Clancy. The developers made all the content free for players to download. It brings Buck and Frost, which are a couple of new Operators from Joint Task Force 2 CTU. It also features gameplay upgrades like a spectator camera; new weapons including Mk1 9mm, 9mm C1, Super 90, CAMRS and C8-SFW; as well as, abilities.

The players who have R6 Credits or are Season Pass owners can instantly unlock them. Meanwhile, the rest can unlock them as long as they have 25,000 renown each. Ubisoft originally wanted to release the expansion for Season Pass owners on January 5, 2016 and for the rest of the community a week later. However, the later revealed that they would delay the release to February 2016.