Title: Lisa Haydon Portrait
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Lisa Haydon, born Elisabeth Marie Haydon, is an Indian-Australian actress and model who has made a notable impact in the Indian entertainment industry. Born on June 17, 1986, in Chennai, India, she initially gained recognition as a model before venturing into acting. Lisa’s striking looks and tall, statuesque frame set her apart in the world of fashion, leading her to work with prominent designers and feature in prestigious fashion publications.

Her foray into Bollywood began with the film “Aisha” in 2010, and she subsequently appeared in movies like “Queen” and “Housefull 3,” earning accolades for her performances. Beyond her acting career, Lisa Haydon has been an influential figure in the fashion and modeling scene, gracing runways and magazine covers. Her unique blend of Indian and Australian heritage, combined with her distinctive features, has made her a sought-after personality in the entertainment and fashion spheres. As a mother, model, and actress, Lisa Haydon continues to captivate audiences with her versatility and contributions to both the fashion and film industries in India.