Title: Tara Alisha
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Tara Alisha, born on May 19, 1988, is an Indian actress and model known for her contributions to the Indian film industry. With a captivating presence and versatile acting skills, Tara Alisha has made a notable mark in both Bollywood and regional cinema.

Having started her career in the entertainment industry, Tara Alisha gained recognition for her role in the Bollywood film “Mastram” (2014), where she portrayed the character of a feisty journalist. Her performance showcased a blend of talent and charisma, leading to subsequent opportunities in the film industry.

Apart from her Bollywood ventures, Tara Alisha has also ventured into regional cinema, exploring diverse roles and genres. Her commitment to her craft and ability to portray characters with depth have contributed to her growing popularity among audiences. With a promising career trajectory, Tara Alisha continues to be a noteworthy presence in the dynamic landscape of Indian cinema.