Title: Artsakh Flag
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

The Artsakh flag, also known as the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic flag, is a distinctive symbol that represents the region’s historical and cultural identity. Adopted in 1992, the flag features three horizontal bands of different colors. The uppermost band is orange, symbolizing the land and the courage of the people. The middle band is blue, representing the sky and the peaceful aspirations of the population. The lower band is red, reflecting the vitality and determination of the Artsakh people.

Central to the Artsakh flag is a white, equilateral triangle extending from the hoist side. Inside the triangle is a stylized representation of Mount Masis (Mount Ararat), an iconic and culturally significant mountain in the region. The mountain is a potent symbol of historical heritage and national identity, reflecting the deep connection of the Artsakh people to their land.

The flag of Artsakh encapsulates the struggles and resilience of its people, with each color and element carrying specific meaning. The orange, blue, and red bands showcase the region’s commitment to the principles of land, sky, and determination. The white triangle and Mount Masis imagery underscore the historical roots and cultural pride of the Artsakh people. Despite being subject to geopolitical complexities, the Artsakh flag remains a powerful emblem, reflecting the aspirations and identity of the population it represents.