Title: Republic Of China Flag
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

The Republic of China (ROC), commonly known as Taiwan, features a distinctive national flag that embodies the nation’s history and values. Adopted on December 17, 1928, the flag is a vibrant symbol with a blue field, a white sun, and a red field. The blue field, covering the upper left quarter, represents freedom and democracy, highlighting the ROC’s commitment to these principles.

In the upper left corner, a white sun with twelve rays radiates across the blue field. The sun, known as the Blue Sky with a White Sun, is a central emblem symbolizing the hope and brightness of a new era. The twelve rays represent the twelve traditional Chinese hours and signify progress and development. Set against a red background covering the lower right three-quarters of the flag, the color red represents the loyalty and patriotism of the people. The unique arrangement of blue, white, and red elements signifies the ROC’s dedication to freedom, democracy, and the pursuit of a bright and prosperous future.

The Republic of China’s flag serves as a powerful representation of its history and values, reflecting the enduring commitment to democratic principles and national identity. The symbolic elements on the flag encapsulate the nation’s journey, reminding citizens of the core values that shape Taiwan’s identity and aspirations. Despite the complexities in its international status, the ROC flag stands as a potent emblem, resonating with the spirit of a nation that continues to evolve and embrace its unique historical legacy.