Title: Super Mario Bros Wonder Bowser
Resolution: 3840 x 2160

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Bowser, the iconic antagonist of the series, returns to challenge players in new and exciting ways. As the main villain, Bowser’s presence is hinted at throughout the game, culminating in a final showdown that tests the player’s skills and determination. This encounter takes place in Bowser’s high-tech warship, a formidable fortress filled with traps, obstacles, and a legion of minions.

Bowser’s battle tactics have been enhanced for this installment of the series. He attacks with a barrage of missile mags, seeker bullet bills, and knuckle fest, keeping players on their toes. To defeat Bowser, players must hit the switch on his chin six times, two each phase. As the battle progresses, Bowser becomes stronger and more enemies spawn on the stage, increasing the challenge.

After hitting the switch on his chin six times, another switch appears on Bowser’s head. Players must climb using the platforms that appear to reach his head and hit the final switch. However, the path to the switch is fraught with danger, as Bowser throws a multitude of enemies and projectiles to thwart the player’s progress. The final boss fight against Bowser is a test of rhythm and timing. The floors move up according to the rhythm, specifically when the music shouts or when the arrows on the floor get filled up. Players must jump during these parts to boost themselves in the air and reach Bowser and his hands. They are invincible when doing a boosted jump, so they can fearlessly take down all enemies in the air.